APM Commercial has become a prominent player in Development and Leasing on Prince Edward Island and throughout Atlantic Canada. As a full service Real Estate, Property Management, Development, Engineering and Construction Services company, Royal LePage APM Commercial is able to provide a true 360 degree perspective of Landlord Development and Leasing Opportunities. Our internal leasing expertise is supported by licensed professionals with extensive knowledge and experience of Prince Edward Island commercial real estate law, relating to all facets of offers to leases. Our client base includes small business, major retailers, manufacturers, institutions, and all levels of government.

Under the leadership of Tim Banks, APM Commercial has developed the reputation as a firm who can be called upon to efficiently manage the purchase, reconfiguration, leasing, and property management of real estate investments that would deter even the most seasoned developers. We have established our success based on being able to identify the challenges and opportunities presented on each investment; and by identifying a clear path to achieve the performance goals for the property.

Our toughest and most demanding client has often been ourselves. Some of the most relevant leasing experience that Royal LePage APM Commercial has gained is through the purchase and development of industrial, retail, office and residential properties for which we are the end owner. Through these exercises, we have been able to sharpen our skills in identifying lease opportunities and performing marketing, financial analysis, legal assessment and lease negotiations. We treat our client’s leasing and property needs as we would treat our own.

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