Brian Gillis

The partnership of Brian Gillis and Tim Banks will be forever remembered for their real estate and development role in the ‘grocery wars’ that raged in Atlantic Canada in the late 1990’s and early 2000’s when Loblaw made a significant push into traditional Sobey’s territory.  This formidable team with their contrasting styles; Brian – the cool, calm and design creative and Tim – the energetic, driven and construction focused, helped drive Loblaw expansion plans on the ground with fresh, new stores in key locations throughout the region.

Brian Gillis is the Sales Associate of Royal LePage APM Commercial and has been involved in the real estate industry for over 40 years, spanning careers as a practicing architect for 20 years and client focused work as VP Business Development and VP Real Estate with APM and its multi-faceted businesses. This broad career has given Brian a wealth of knowledge in the commercial marketplace, working for local business, municipal, provincial and federal governments, the financial industry, national retail accounts and major corporations.

Brian’s confident understanding of the complex environment that controls and shapes real estate solutions from site selection & analysis, land assembly, zoning / rezoning, conceptual visioning, tenant recruitment, property disposition and creative marketing techniques combined with the tremendous Royal LePage network are all available to be leveraged for clients.

Get Brian’s vast real estate knowledge and experience working for you!